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One Storm Can Do Massive Amounts Of Damage

One storm can do a lot of damage. Any thunderstorm can have the right conditions to form hail, the semi-frozen spheres that can cause serious hail damage to roofs and windows. The larger the hail, the more hail damage caused. For example, baseball sized hail can travel at the same velocity as a baseball being thrown by a professional pitcher. During a storm, that damage is multiplied exponentially and can take a toll on your roof and siding. Dr. Exteriors offers hail and storm damage repair services for both roofs and siding in Omaha.

Roofing Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage may not be apparent at first, but time can reveal serious issues with your roof. Dr Exteriors has experts trained to spot hail damage caused to your roof, siding, windows and gutters. We offer a hail and storm damage repair package in Omaha to repair and restore your damaged roofing. Whatever storm damage has occurred to your roof, our professionals at Dr. Exterior are equipped and to handle any it, along with any problems that might arise.

Siding Storm Damage Repair

Damaged siding can be more than simply unappealing. It can expose your exterior walls to the elements, causing further damage. Our complete hail and storm damage repair package in Omaha also covers siding repair and restoration. We have repaired hundreds of homes that have suffered hail damage to their roofing and siding. We can even coordinate with your insurance company for you. Trust our team of siding experts to take care of your Omaha hail damage repair needs.

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