Storm Damage Process
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Storm Damage Repair

Fixing your home after a storm can be stressful and understandably concerning. Our storm damage repair services in Omaha start with an inspection of your property. We then provide a free estimate, and then work on repairing the storm damage. Dr. Exteriors handles all kinds of exterior repairs, such as replacing broken windows, cracked siding and damaged roofing.


It takes just one ill-timed storm to wreak havoc on your property. Dr. Exteriors can help with storm damage repair for your home or business. We can help repair your broken doors, windows, cracked siding, broken gutters, damaged roofing and more. Our experts can inspect your property for storm damage, even years after the storm.


Our Omaha based storm damage repair and door replacement services team can provide a free estimate for your repairs. We can even work with you to file an insurance claim!

Schedule An Inspection With Our Professionals

Whether the storm was last night, last year or before you owned the property, scheduling an inspection is the first step in repairing storm damage. For expert storm damage repair services in Omaha, contact Dr. Exteriors! We can repair your doors, windows, gutters, doors, siding and more.