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Wood Windows

A timeless classic, wooden windows are a terrific way to give your home that postcard exterior. Known both for its rustic elegance and strength, wood is still used in many window frames to this day; however, it’s not without its problems. Unlike other materials, wood is highly reactive to its environment. Not only can it crack or swell with changes in the weather, but it can also erode from bouts of heavy rain or snow. Meanwhile, issues like wood rot can lead to challenging repairs if homeowners aren’t vigilant. As such, if you notice any issues with your wooden windows, most experts advise that you address them as soon as possible to avoid any lasting damage. If you’re concerned that your window may not hold up, contact our wooden window repair company in Omaha today. We can fix rotten window frames and more. 

Leveraging the expert contractors at Dr. Exteriors, though, you can navigate your window repair with ease. Our team is here to assist you with each step of the repair process, equipping you with the support and resources needed to uplift your windows. Well-versed in everything from installation to long-term maintenance, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with unmatched service and insights, without disrupting your daily life. Beyond that, the team at our Omaha based wooden window repair company will be sure to include you in each stage of our process, from the initial inspection to the final repair—meaning you can make fully informed decisions as a homeowner. 

Over time, wooden windows have been known to create problems for homeowners. Whether you’re dealing with minor cracks or more serious matters like wood rot and fixing rotten window frames, our Omaha based team at Dr. Exteriors is more than prepared to navigate your repair from start to finish. Beyond delivering solutions to your home today, we are also passionate about providing you with ongoing assistance should you need any help in the future. Reach out to our wooden window repair company in Omaha today to see the full line of products and services we offer!

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