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Board & Batten Siding Installation Services in Omaha

Board and batten siding is among the most classic and timeless options for homeowners—an iconic style of siding with a rich heritage dating back hundreds of years in U.S. history. Utilizing a pattern of vertical planks and strips, board and batten siding can not only give your property a rustic feel but also better safeguard it against the elements. In fact, when you invest in board and batten installation services from our Omaha company, you’ll find that this type of siding can be an inexpensive option for homeowners. Beyond boosting your property’s curb appeal, it is also a long-lasting choice that will stand strong for years to come. Easy to install and providing outstanding insulation, this style is remarkably malleable, meaning it can be seamlessly adjusted to the needs of your property. But whether you are looking for board and batten installation services in Omaha or need a siding repair contractor to fix your existing board and batten facade, our team at Dr. Exteriors is here to see your project through.

From time to time, board and batten siding can run into issues that require maintenance. But no matter if you’re dealing with slight water damage or regular wear and tear, our team possesses the tools and resources needed to restore your property. Beyond our expertise, our siding repair contractors in Omaha also pride ourselves on our leading standards of service and professionalism, fitting our workflow into your daily schedule, and providing you with all the information needed to make the right choices for your property. 

Board and batten siding is a classic choice for a reason: On top of weathering the elements with ease, it can give your home a striking finish fit for a magazine cover. So if you’re looking to make a change or require a repair to your existing siding, our Omaha board and batten installation team are more than prepared to assist. Reach out to Dr. Exteriors today to learn more about how board and batten siding can enhance your property!

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