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PVC Deck Construction in Omaha

Because of its versatility and sleek aesthetic, PVC decking is a terrific choice for Omaha area homeowners. Utilizing polyvinyl chloride materials, this style of decking leverages the strength of synthetic polymers to stand strong against the elements. On top of providing homeowners some welcome relief from the regular maintenance and upkeep costs associated with organic materials, our composite decking in Omaha comes in a variety of wood grain patterns, making it an ideal choice for your home—and your wallet. Best of all, with the help of our outstanding team at Dr. Exteriors, you can be assured of a seamless installation, as we can take charge of everything, from the initial construction to all necessary maintenance and repairs.

As a material, PVC can bring lasting value to just about any property. Because it utilizes plastic, as opposed to wood pulp, it is highly resistant to mold. Once installed, you can expect the installation of a wood alternative deck to your Omaha home will last up to 50 years—if not longer. The materials are lightweight and easy to transport, which facilitates an effortless installation. Perhaps most exciting of all, though, the elevated production standards of PVC decking mean that Omaha homeowners will have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, helping you better blend your deck with the overall look and feel of your property.

While you can generally rely on PVC decking to transition smoothly from season to season, you may encounter some smaller maintenance needs from time to time. Particularly, this decking material can accrue heat buildup, which can lead to minor warping. Overall, though, PVC and composite decking are a low-risk option for Omaha homeowners, setting the perfect scene for your next barbeque or block party. Drawing from our decades of experience building and repairing decks within the Omaha region, our team is more than prepared to help you spot the right style for your home and navigate its installation with ease. Get in touch with our Omaha-based wood-alternative deck installation team today to request a quote!

Our Omaha based composite deck installation team is here to connect you with an efficient and professional process, one that speaks directly to your best interests as a homeowner. Contact us today to request a quote!

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