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Wood Rot Damage Repair & Replacement. 

Houses in the Omaha area and across eastern Nebraska and western Iowa often succumb to wood rot. The major cause of wood rot is undrained moisture and softscaping near siding. Houses with hardwood siding are exposed to the highest risk. Dr. Exteriors is here to solve all of your Omaha wood rot repair needs.

Wood rot particularly affects homes that have shrubbery, trees, and grass close to the siding. If that sounds like most older homes, you’re not mistaken. Today’s landscaping techniques, such as placing gravel or pebbles between the house and lawn can reduce the risk of wood rot. But even those techniques can only do so much. Homes built in low-lying areas also experience a high degree of wood rot.

Dr. Exteriors is an Omaha wood rot repair company, with years of experience combatting wood rot effectively. We start by removing the damaged wood and installing proper flashing, pushing water away from the wooden siding. Dr. Exteriors has a professional staff experienced in Omaha wood rot repair and patching services. We also install a moisture-resistant frieze board for increased protection.

Correcting the problem of wood rot in this way results in you saving money. The alternative, replacing all of the siding and window trim, can be quite expensive. Talk to Dr. Exteriors today about our expert Omaha wood rot repair and wooden door replacement services.

Wood Rot: FAQ

Yes. Repairs can usually be done if the deterioration of the wood is less than six inches deep.

Yes, in most cases. Outside trim is not a structural component of the window. We can do repairs if the wood’s deterioration has not reached the window’s main frame.

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