Pros & Cons Of DIY Window Replacement: Why You Need A Professional

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Pros & Cons Of DIY Window Replacement: Why You Need A Professional

When homeowners run through the list of options for window replacements, they often run into a choice between DIY and professional offerings. Many find a straightforward appeal in DIY replacements: They—at first—appear more cost-effective, timely, and customizable than professional options. Regardless of these perceived advantages, though, most experts still agree that window replacement or installation is best left to the professionals. Not only can a pro guide you through the entire process and avoid any issues that may arise, but they can also help you keep costs down and cater their approach to your distinct needs. Plus, a professional window installation company will be familiar with building and remodeling codes and permitting requirements in your area, as well as carry the proper licensing and insurance.

Safety Concerns

Any in-depth changes to the design of a house can be extremely dangerous for a novice to undertake without professional assistance. Beyond the potential dangers associated with handling common building materials and heavy glass, there are also issues related to working on ladders and securing the windows for long-term safety. All these concerns can quickly lead to a supposedly cheaper DIY replacement toward costly hospital bills in an instant.

Hidden Costs

Even though the costs of a DIY replacement may seem lower than professional options, homeowners should take care to explore the various expenses related to materials and tools of the trade, which can often cause your repair to skyrocket in price. That’s to say nothing of the more expensive repairs that may be required should something go awry in your installation—which is far more likely to happen when working alone with nonstandard tools and no professional training.

Also, if the windows aren’t installed and sealed properly, they may allow outside air into your home or even water from precipitation. Improperly sealed windows can cause utility bills to rise because your HVAC system will be required to work harder to maintain an ideal temperature and humidity level. Water that enters around the windows can cause water damage to the structural elements of your home as well as interior walls and belongings.

Professional Advantages

Professional window replacement companies bring much more than the basic knowledge you can glean from an online search; they understand how to cater their workflow to the unique attributes of your property. Professional installers remove all guesswork and can oversee a seamless replacement, one that avoids unnecessary costs and holds strong to industry standards. So if you are in need of window replacement services or wish to know more about how professionals can enhance your latest home remodeling project, reach out to our proven team at Dr. Exteriors today.

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